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poniedziałek, 12 października 2015

Heroiny - AHH-OHH LP

Heroiny AHH-OHH LP out Oct 5th!

All tracks written and mixed in Warsaw somewhere between 2014-1025 mostly on guitar and drum machines. Mastered by Stephen Bishop and released by Dunno Recordings in edition of 500 copies. 


1.Contrary Crawl
2. Maybe No
3. Useless Funk
4. Braids
5. Evangelist Boom
6. Ahh-Ohh
7. Untitled
8. Heroiny

czwartek, 9 października 2014

US/CAN and Germany

I've found some undeveloped films from this year so uploading few of them from US/CAN and tour with Bonnie "Prince" Billy in Germany. I've crashed my camera so no uploads for a while.